The hottest 5 e-cigarette brands out there

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We would like to present five of the finest electronic cigarette brands on the market right now and to give you an insight into which of them are really great and which of them are still amazing but not as great as the hottest ones. The five brands that we are looking into are South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, V2 Cigs, Green Smoke and Vapor Couture.

South Beach Smoke

This brand is simply the hottest brand on the market and it is not because of one thing. It is because they have done perfectly with their electronic cigarettes. From the choice of flavors to the technology in their cigarettes; from the taste to the accessories, they have done everything right and you just know that you are getting your money's worth with South Beach Smoke cigarettes. It is the finest brand out there and that is that.


EverSmoke is yet another exquisite brand which would probably have won if not for South Beach Smoke brand. We are once again talking about a brand that has it figured out and that is always offering the finest smoking experience to their customers. They should be particularly proud of their selection of flavors that are among the tastiest things in the universe. Truly a great brand.

V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs is one of the most popular brands of e-cigarettes on the market and we have to say that we can see why this is so. They may not be the best brand in our opinion, but they are still by far ahead of all other brands out there. They employ incredible advanced technology and their cigarettes taste amazing. It is only due to some small differences that we have rated V2 Cigs as the third best brand out there.

Green Smoke

Green Smoke is a brand that some of us actually preferred due to the amazing resemblance with the traditional cigarettes. Out of all the brands that we have reviewed and tried out, Green Smoke is the closest thing to smoking a real cigarette. Unfortunately, in some other areas, they have not been that great and that is why they only managed to snatch the 4th place in our comparison. It is still a great choice and well worth your money.

Vapor Couture

Vapor Couture is the newest brand on our list and we are sure that in the future it might be in the top 3 places. However, for the time being, their selection of flavors is still somewhat limited and there is always the fact that Vapor Couture is a brand exclusively for women. In this field, it is the best brand for sure, but they would really have to do something out of the ordinary to become the best one despite the selective design and styling.

This is our list that has been compiled taking into consideration a number of factors. We have tried to keep it as objective as possible but we are still sure that there are people who might not agree with us. Still, we believe it is an honest representation of what you can get these days.



An incredible e-cigs experience – EverSmoke

There comes a time in every smoker's life when they decide to do something for themselves, especially today when you are not allowed to smoke pretty much anywhere. This is when you go for some electronic cigarettes and that is when you need to make your choice when it comes to the brand you will go for. A great choice whenever this happens are EverSmoke electronic cigarettes, one of the most popular brands on the market and deservedly so.

Vapor Couture – the electronic cigarette for a lady

One thing that is really difficult to find in the world of electronic cigarettes is a truly unique new brand. Sure, there are brands that are better than others and that set themselves apart with high quality, but a really new and inventive idea is not something you see every day in the e-cigs world. That is one of the main reasons why Vapor Couture is such an exciting and attractive new brand.

Green Smoke – the choice of a real connoisseur

There are tons of electronic cigarette brands out there and you might find it somewhat difficult to make a choice and even more difficult to make the right choice. One brand that never disappoints and that is always there to provide a unique smoking experience is Green Smoke. We said that it is a brand of choice for the true connoisseur for the simple reason that it provides the smoking experience that is the closest thing to smoking real cigarettes.

The safety of electronic cigarettes

The popularity of electronic cigarettes has increased and people are finally starting to realize that these devices are basically the only smart choice when it comes to smoking. While there are still people who don't like electronic cigarettes even though they know nothing about them and even though they have never tried them out, it cannot be disputed that electronic cigarettes are a lot safer and that there is nothing harmful about them.

Is electronic cigarette the healthier option?

Ever since electronic cigarette became available in free sale, endless debates about it have been led. The topic around most controversy revolves is whether electronic cigarette really is the healthier alternative, because the effects of the chemicals that can be found in e ciggs haven't really been fully tested on a significant trial group. We're still to learn about how electronic cigarette smoking affects our body, but until then we can only rely on the facts that we know for sure.

Electronic cigarettes - can they really help you quit smoking?

Let me be clear about electronic cigarettes, form the start. They can not help you to quit smoking. Here is why.

The whole purpose of e-cigarettes is not to help you quit this dangerous habit, and I think that we all can agree that smoking cigarettes is dangerous to both the one doing it and those around him. However, no matter how much time you tell someone that he needs to quit smoking, no one has came up with a method for quitting this bad habit that is guaranteed to work.